Summer term 14: Knowledge Transfer through the Media

The program of the summer term 2014 focuses on reflections about methods about forms of knowledge-transfer through the media. The term “knowledge” denotes constructed realities, which are characterized by the interconnection between information and representation (subjective, institutional and social). Thus, the reflection on “hybrid, transcultural and national identities through the media” which was started during the winter term 2013/14, is continued and further developed.

While the lectures by Andeas Hepp and Udo Kuckartz focus on the theoretical and methodological enhancement of innovative research designs, the case studies presented by Salvatore di Piazza and Maria Röder-Tzellos will provide for an empirical, problem-oriented interdisciplinary exchange. In the workshop “Discourse Analysis as Transcultural Research” both aspects (the thematic and the empirical) are addressed: in an inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue, the methodological diversity of discourse analysis is discussed, but also the potentials and risks of its usage for specific transcultural processes are addressed.

Please see the detailed program here.

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