Workshop on Transdisciplinary Media Analysis, January 28, at 4 pm

The workshop aims at comparing different approaches to media analysis, as well as at discussing opportunities and challenges of transdisciplinary methods.

The workshop is open to scholars as well as to interested students of any disciplinary background. A registration is not required. Participants are welcome to present empirical examples and current problems from their own research activities (in this case please contact Giulia Pelillo-Hestermeyer or Anna Sawerthal by Monday 26th January).

Venue: Karl Jaspers Centre, Room 002 (Ground Floor).

We are very much looking forward to a fruitful exchange in an informal atmosphere.

Talk with Dr. Volker Helbig on “Wissenssoziologie und Medienanalyse” (in German)

On December 17, at 4 pm, Dr. Volker Helbig (University of Heidelberg) will talk about media analysis from the perspective of the sociology of knowledge.

The talk (in German) will take place at the Karl Jaspers Centre, Room 002 (Ground Floor), and is open to scholars as well as to interested students of any disciplinary background.

We are very much looking forward to an interdisciplinary exchange in informal atmosphere.


Maria Röder-Tzellos in Heidelberg

Tonight Maria Röder-Tzellos, M.A., of the University of Mannheim will present results of her PhD thesis on the role of social media during the revolution in Egypt. The lecture will be in German, it is entitled:

‘The Revolution will not be Tweeted’: (Soziale) Medien, Identität und politische Partizipation in Ägypten

We hope to see many of you (in Seminarstr. 3, 1. Floor, Leo Olschki Hall, Romanisches Seminar, at 6.00 p.m. s.t.)!

Prof. Andreas Hepp: Transcultural Communication

Here are some impression from last week’s lecture by Prof. Andreas Hepp (Uni Bremen), who elaborated on the broad topic of Transcultural Communication. As one of the leading scholars in the field he sketched out different traditions of the concept and its current applications in empirical research.

Andreas Hepp 1

Andreas Hepp 2

Andreas Hepp 3

Andreas Hepp 4


Our next scheduled event is Prof. Udo Kuckartz’s talk on textual analysis in a digital age. As one of the founders of the data software MAXQDA, he will discuss its usage with us next week, June 12th at 4 pm (c.t.) (see also the Summer Term program for detailed information). We are looking forward to his valued input on methodological questions.


Summer term 14: Knowledge Transfer through the Media

The program of the summer term 2014 focuses on reflections about methods about forms of knowledge-transfer through the media. The term “knowledge” denotes constructed realities, which are characterized by the interconnection between information and representation (subjective, institutional and social). Thus, the reflection on “hybrid, transcultural and national identities through the media” which was started during the winter term 2013/14, is continued and further developed.

While the lectures by Andeas Hepp and Udo Kuckartz focus on the theoretical and methodological enhancement of innovative research designs, the case studies presented by Salvatore di Piazza and Maria Röder-Tzellos will provide for an empirical, problem-oriented interdisciplinary exchange. In the workshop “Discourse Analysis as Transcultural Research” both aspects (the thematic and the empirical) are addressed: in an inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue, the methodological diversity of discourse analysis is discussed, but also the potentials and risks of its usage for specific transcultural processes are addressed.

Please see the detailed program here.

Newspapers and Transculturality

The conference “Newspapers and Transculturality: New Approaches to Working with Historical Newspapers” took place last week at the KJC “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”. Thanks to all the enthusiastic participants, interesting talks and discussions.

A report should be available soon.


Brasilien-Schwerpunkt am 22. Januar 2014 am IÜD

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Brasilianisch-Portugiesische Abteilung des Instituts für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen (IÜD) und dem Brasilianische Lektorat des IÜD laden wir nächste Woche  herzlich zu zwei Vorträgen zum Thema Brasilien:

Der Musikjournalist Felipe Tadeu spricht über kulturelle Identität in Brasilien:

“Brasilien – durch den Samba geboren. Der Musikstil, der zum wichtigsten Symbol der kulturellen Identität der Brasilianer wurde”.

Danach spricht die Journalistin Silvia Bittencourt über Protestbewegungen:

“Brasilien am Siedepunkt – die Rolle der neuen Medien bei den Demonstrationen von 2013”

Wo und wann?

22. JANUAR 2014, 18 UHR S.T.

Die Vortragssprache ist Portugiesisch. Die Vorträge werden simultan
ins Deutsche verdolmetscht. Die Veranstaltung wird unterstützt vom
Iberoamerika-Zentrum der Universität Heidelberg.

Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiches Kommen!


Mediengeschichtliches Forum: Vortrag Anna Bischof, M.A.

Das Mediengeschichtliche Forum lädt nächsten Montag zu einem Vortrag von Anna Bischof, M.A., mit dem Thema:

“Transnationale Wissensmittler: Die Migration tschechoslowakischer Journalisten und ihre Tätigkeit für Radio Free Europe in München (1950-1975)”

Der Vortrag mit anschließender Diskussion findet am Montag, 20. Januar 2014, um 18 Uhr c.t. im Übungsraum I des Historischen Seminars, Grabengasse 3-5, statt.

Das Mediengeschichtliche Forum wird von Martin Stallmann, M.A., am Historischen Seminar/ZEGK organisiert.

Mediengeschichtliches Forum Anna Bischof 200114

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